Sunday, August 2, 2009

The High Cost Of Health Care Savings

OK, so now that it looks like health care reform ("to hold down ballooning costs") is moving along nicely, we can start talking about raising taxes to pay for it.

Health Care / Health Scare Scam

This health scare scam is disingenuous. Observers note that even the special interests (hospitals, doctors, Big Pharma) want health care reform. Of course they do! Rising health care costs, instituted by what is already effectively a monopoly, are arguably part of an orchestrated campaign to scare politicians and their constituents into adopting a taxpayer-supported government-sponsored welfare program for the “health care” industry. First the masses were brainwashed from infancy by TV advertising into eating profitable (for Big Food) junk which made them chronically disease-prone. Then they were brainwashed into believing that only Big Medicine could (and was legally permitted to) cure them; and now the brainwashing is complete as they accept the cradle to grave drugs, radiation, and chemo”therapy” that they “need” to keep them “healthy,” and all shall have the right (and compulsion to pay for) these “benefits” (provided of course that the “benefits” shall have been pronounced “safe and effective” by the stooges at FDA/AMA, and are prescribed by doctors who do as they're told. Congratulations Big Medicine, Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Government on hijacking a major portion of the GNP with the support of the hoodwinked masses, sending America sinking, while those with real needs (think North Korean concentration camp inmates) attract no real attention. Is Obama leading us inexorably toward an only somewhat late-arriving 1984?

Carcinogenic Diesel Fumes in Enclosed Metro Stations and Tunnels

Washington D.C. Metro (WMATA) runs diesel-powered work trains in its underground stations and tunnels (often merely idling, which appears unnecessary) to do routine scheduled repair work, during the normal hours of operation when the system is being used by the public. The result is a heavy concentration of diesel fumes in enclosed areas which were not designed to, and are not capable of, providing adequate ventilation to prevent accumulation of the fumes to unsafe levels. Diesel exhaust fumes are carcinogenic and toxic. Metro provides no notice or warning of these incidents or of its policy, custom, or practice of exposing both the public and its workers to this hazardous condition.